Label Discography
Atlantic Records
1200 8800

1200 Series

1201 Dall, John & Vernon Duke This Is My Beloved, Parts 1 & 2
78 Rpm
1202 Dall, John & Vernon Duke This Is My Beloved, Parts 3 & 4
78 Rpm
1203 Dall, John & Vernon Duke This Is My Beloved, Parts 5 & 6
78 Rpm
1204 LaGallienne, Eva & Richard Waring with King Webster Romeo and Juliet Scenes, Disc 1
Record 1 of ALS-401
1205 LaGallienne, Eva & Richard Waring with King Webster Romeo and Juliet Scenes, Disc 2
Record 2 of ALS-401
ALS-1206 Bechet, Sidney & Mugsy Spanier Bechet, Sidney & Mugsy Spanier 1952
ALS-1207 Powers, Marie Marie Powers Concert 1952
ALS-1208 DeParis, Wilbur Rampart Street Ramblers
This was the first and last record Atlantic issued in "binaural," an early stereo process
ALS-1209 Teagarden, Jack & Rex Stewart Big Jazz 1953
ALS-1210 Sherril Jerome Kern's "Roberta" and "Showboat" 1954
ALS-1211 Sherril Rogers and Hart's "Connecticut Yankee" and "Pal Joey" 1954
1212 Rogers, Shorty The Swinging Mr. Rogers
The first record with the
1213 Mercer, Mabel Mabel Mercer Sings Cole Porter 1955
1214 Short, Bobby Songs By Bobby Short 1955
1215 SD-1215 Barbarin, Paul Paul Barbarin and His New Orleans Jazz
SD-1215 released in 1958, maybe later
1216 Pell Octet, Dave Jazz and Romantic Places 1955
1216 Pell Octet, Dave Jazz and Romantic Places 1955
1217 Konitz, Lee & Warne Marsh Lee Konitz and Warne Marsh 1955
1218 Straeter, Ted Ted Straeter's New York 1955
1219 SD-1219 DeParis, Wilbur Wilbur DeParis and His New Orleans Jazz
SD-1219 released in 1958, maybe later
1220 Fruscella, Tony Tony Fruscella 1955
1221 Wein, George Wein, Women and Song 1955
1222 Templeton, Alec The Magic Piano 1956
1223 Montrose, Jack & Bob Gordon Jack Montrose and Bob Gordon 1956
1224 Tristano, Lennie Lennie Tristano 1956
1225 Stacy, Jess & Famous Goodman Sideman Tribute to Benny Goodman 1956
1226 Bennett, Betty Nobody Else But Me 1956
1227 Garner, Erroll The Greates Garner 1956
1228 SD-1228 Connoer, Chris Chris Connor Songs
SD-1228 released in 1958, maybe later
1229 Charles, Teddy Teddy Charles Tentet 1956
1230 Short, Bobby Bobby Short 1956
1231 SD-1231 Modern Jazz Quartet Fontessa
SD-1231 released in 1958, maybe later
1232 SD-1232 Rogers, Shorty Martians Come Back
SD-1232 released in 1958, maybe later
1233 SD-1233 DeParis & New Orleans Jazz, Wilbur Marchin' and Swingin'
SD-1233 released in 1958, maybe later
1234 SD-1234 Turner, Joe Boss of the Blues
SD-1234 released in 1958, maybe later
1235 SD-1235 Newborn, Phineas Here Is Phineas
SD-1235 released in 1958, maybe later
1236 Walter, Cy Rodgers Revisited 1956
1237 Mingus Jazz Workshop, Charles Pithecanthropus Erectus 1956
1238 Giuffre, Jimmy Jimmy Giuffre Clarinet 1956
1239 Various Artists Rock and Roll Forever
Joe Turner / La Vern Baker / Ray Charles / a. o.
1240 Connor, Chris Loves Me, Loves Me Not 1956
1241 Russo Orchestra, Bill The World Of Alcina 1956
1242 Jackson, Milt Ballads and Blues 1956
1243 Syms, Sylvia Sylvia Syms Sings 1956
1244 Mercer, Mabel Midnight at Mabel Mercer's 1956
1245 McGovern, Patty & Thomas Talbert Wednesday's Child 1956
1246 Gullin, Lars Baritone Sax 1956
1247 Modern Jazz Quartet with Jimmy Giuffre Modern Jazz Quartet at Music Inn 1956
1248 Clovers Rock and Roll 1956
1249 Pell Octet, Dave Love Story 1956
1250 SD-1250 Talbert, Thomas Bix-Duke-Fats
SD-1250 released in 1958, maybe later
1251 Hibbler, Al After the Lights Go Down Low 1956
1252 Various Artists This Is My Beloved
Narration by Alfred Ryder, Musical Score by Vernon Duke
1253 SD-1253 DeParis, Wilbur Wilbur DeParis At Symphony Hall
SD-1253 released in 1958, maybe later
1254 Giuffre, Jimmy Three 1957
1255 Mooney, Joe Lush Life 1957
1256 Stevens, Carol & Phil Moore That Satin Doll 1957
1257 Gillespie, Dizzy Dizzy At Home and Abroad 1957
1258 SD-1258 Konitz, Lee Inside Hi-Fi
SD-1258 released in 1958, maybe later
1259 SD-1259 Charles, Ray The Great Ray Charles
SD-1259 released in 1958, maybe later
1260 Mingus, Charles The Clown 1957
1261 Various Artists Dixieland At Jazz, Ltd. 1957
1262 SD-1262 Short, Bobby Speaking of Love
SD-1262 released in 1958, maybe later
1263 Wayne, Frances The Warm Sound of Frances Wayne 1957
1264 SD-1264 Castro, Joe Mood Jazz
SD-1264 released in 1958, maybe later
1265 Modern Jazz Quartet Modern Jazz Quartet 1957
1266 DeParis, Wilbur & Jimmy Witherspoon New Orleans Blues 1957
1267 Lewis, John & Sascha Distel Afternoon In Paris 1957
1268 Candoli, Conte & Lou Levy West Coast Wailers 1957
1269 SD-1269 Jackson, Milt Plenty, Plenty Soul
SD-1269 released in 1958, maybe later
1270 Rogers, Shorty Way Up There 1957
1271 Williams, Mary Lou & Barbara Carroll Ladies of Jazz 1958
1272 Lewis, John John Lewis Piano 1957
1273 Konitz, Lee The Real Lee Konitz 1957
1274 Charles, Teddy Word From Bird 1957
1275 SD-1275 Wallington, George Knight Music
SD-1275 released in 1958, maybe later
1276 SD-1276 Giuffre, Jimmy Jimmy Giuffre Plays "The Music Man"
SD-1276 released in 1958, maybe later
1277 Taylor, Billy Billy Taylor Touch 1957
1278 SD-1278 Blakey with Thelonius Monk, Art Art Blakey with Thelonious Monk
DLP; SD-1278 released in 1958, maybe later
1279 SD-1279 Jackson & Ray Charles, Milt Soul Brothers
SD-1279 released in 1958, maybe later
1280 Jazz Modes The Most Happy Fella 1957
1281 SD-1281 Baker, La Vern La Vern Baker Sings Bessie Smith
SD-1281 released in 1958, maybe later
1282 Giuffre, Jimmy Trav'lin Light 1958
1283 Yancey, Jimmy and Mama Pure Blues 1958
1284 SD-1284 Modern Jazz Quartet One Never Knwos
SD-1284 released in 1958, maybe later
1285 Short, Bobby Sing Me a Swing Song 1958
1286 Connor, Chris A Jazz Date With Chris Connor 1958
1287 Katz, Smith & Urteger John Lewis Presents Jazz Piano International 1958
1288 DeParis, Wilbur Wilbur DeParis Plays Cole Porter 1958
1289 SD-1289 Charles, Ray Ray Charles At Newport
The first record which released in mono and the stereo
1290 Connor, Chris Chris Craft 1958
1291 SD-1291 Marsh, Warne Warne Marsh 1958
1292 Barber, Chris Here Is Chris Barber 1959
1293 SD-1293 Byron, George George Byron Sings New and Rediscovered Jerome Kern Songs 1959
1301 SD-1301 Mercer, Mabel Once In A Blue Moon 1958
1294 SD-1294 Jackson, Milt Bags And Flutes 1959
1295 SD-1295 Giuffre, Jimmy The Four Brothers Sound 1959
1296 Various Artists Voodoo Drums In Hi-Fi 1959
1297 SD-1297 Young Tuxedo Brass Band Jazz Begins 1959
1298 Various Artists Historic Jazz Concert At Music Inn 1959
1299 SD-1299 Modern Jazz Quartet With Sonny Rollins Modern Jazz Quartet At Music Inn Volume 2 1959
1300 SD-1300 DeParis, Wilbur Wilbur DeParis Plays Something Old, New, Gay, Blue 1958
1301 SD-1301 Mercer, Mabel Once In A Blue Moon 1958
1302 SD-1302 Short, Bobby The Mad Twenties 1958
1303 SD-1303 Dickenson & Joe Thomas, Vic Mainstream 1959
1304 SD-1304 Newman, David "Fathead" Ray Charles Presents David "Fathead" Newman 1958
1305 SD-1305 Mingus, Charles Blues and Roots 1960
1306 SD-1306 Jazz Modes Les Jazz Modes 1960
1307 SD-1307 Connor, Chris Ballads Of The Sad Cafe 1959
1308 SD-1308 Brown, Ruth Late Date With Ruth Brown 1959
1309 SD-1309 Connor, Chris Chris Connor Sings the George Gershwin Almanac of Songs, Volume 1
Reissue of one record of Atlantic 2-602
1310 SD-1310 Connor, Chris Chris Connor Sings the George Gershwin Almanac of Songs, Volume 2
Reissue of one record of Atlantic 2-602
1311 SD-1311 Coltrane, John Giant Steps 1960
1312 SD-1312 Charles, Ray The Genius of Ray Charles 1960
1313 SD-1313 Lewis, John Improvised Meditations and Excursions 1959
1314 SD-1314 Katz, Dick Piano and Pen 1959
1315 Garner, Erroll Perpetual Emotion
not sure if it is released
SD-1316 Jackson & Coleman Hawkins, Milt Bean Bags 1960
SD-1317 Coleman, Ornette Shape Of Jazz To Come 1959
SD-1318 DeParis, Wilbur That's a plenty 1959
SD-1319 Lookofsky, Harry Stringsville 1960
SD-1319 Lookofsky, Harry Stringsville 1960
SD-1320 Brookmeyer, Bob Portrait of the Artist 1960
SD-1320 Brookmeyer, Bob Portrait of the Artist 1960
SD-1321 Short, Bobby Bobby Short on the East Side 1960
SD-1322 Mercer, Mabel Merely Marvelous Mabel Mercer 1960
SD-1323 Smith, Buster Legendary Buster Smith 1960
SD-1324 Castro, Joe Groove Funk Soul 1960
SD-1325 Modern Jazz Quartete Pyramid 1960
SD-1326 Corey, Prof. Irwin Win With Irvin 1960
SD-1327 Coleman, Ornette Change Of The Century 1960
SD-1328 Herman, Woody Woody Herman's Big New Herd At Monterey Jazz Festival 1960
SD-1329 Taylor, Billy One For Fun 1960
SD-1330 Giuffre, Jimmy Western Suite 1960
SD-1331 Various Artists Newport Jazz Festival All Stars 1960
SD-1332 Turner, Joe Big Joe Rides Again 1960
SD-1333 Ross & Allan Ganley, Ronnie Jazz Makers
The first record which released with new new
SD-1334 Lewis, John The Golden Striker 1960
SD-1335 Katz, Fred Eastern Exposure 1960
SD-1336 DeParis, Wilbur The Wild Jazz Age 1960
SD-1337 Various Artists The Blues In Modern Jazz
Gillespie, Monk, Blakey, Mingus, Tristano, Giuffre, a.o.
1338 Various Artists Jazz At Jazz, Ltd. 1961
SD-1339 Hampton Octet, Slide Sister Salvation 1960
SD-1340 Jones, Philly Joe Philly Joe's Beat 1960
SD-1341 Scott, Bobby The Complete Musician 1961
SD-1341 Scott, Bobby The Complete Musician 1961
SD-1342 Jackson, Milt Ballad Artistry Of Milt Jackson 1961
SD-1343 Mann, Herbie The Common Ground 1960
SD-1344 Hunter, Lurlean Blue and Sentimental 1961
SD-1345 Modern Jazz Quartet and Guests Third Stream Music 1960
SD-1346 Various Artists Sounds Of The South
Southern folk heritage series, field recordings by Alan Lomax
SD-1347 Various Artists Blue Ridge Mountain Music
Southern folk heritage series, field recordings by Alan Lomax
SD-1348 Various Artists Roots Of The Blues
Southern folk heritage series, field recordings by Alan Lomax
SD-1349 Various Artists White Spirituals
Southern folk heritage series, field recordings by Alan Lomax
SD-1350 Various Artists American Folk Songs For Children
Southern folk heritage series, field recordings by Alan Lomax
SD-1351 Various Artists Negro Church Music
Southern folk heritage series, field recordings by Alan Lomax
SD-1352 Various Artists The Blues Roll On
Southern folk heritage series, field recordings by Alan Lomax
HS-1 and SHS-1 Various Artists Southern Folk Heritage
7LP-Pack (same as SD-1346 to SD-1352)
SD-1353 Coleman Quartet, Ornette This Is Our Music 1961
SD-1354 Coltrane, John Coltrane Jazz 1961
SD-1355 Scott, Bobby A Taste Of Honey 1961
SD-1356 Crawford, Hank More Soul 1961
SD-1357 Tristano, Lennie The New Tristano 1962
SD-1358 Wright, Leo Blues Shout 1961
SD-1359 Modern Jazz Quartet and Orchestra Modern Jazz Quartet and Orchestra 1961
SD-1360 Charles & Milt Jackson, Ray Soul Meeting 1962
SD-1361 Coltrane, John My Favorite Things 1961
SD-1362 Hampton Octet, Slide Somehtin' Sanctified 1961
SD-1363 DeParis, Wilbur Wilbur DeParis On The Riviera 1961
SD-1364 Coleman Double Quartet, Ornette Free Jazz a Collective Improvisation 1961
SD-1365 Schuller & John Lewis, Gunther Jazz Abstractions 1961
SD-1366 Newman, David "Fathead" Straight Ahead 1961
SD-1367 Harvey, Laurence This Is My Beloved 1962
SD-1368 Jackson & John Coltrane, Milt Bags And Trane 1961
1369 Charles, Ray The Genius After Hours 1961
SD-1370 Lewis, John Original Sin 1961
SD-1371 Mann, Herbie The Family Of Mann 1961
SD-1372 Crawford, Hank Soul Clinic 1961
SD-1373 Coltrane, John Olé Coltrane 1961
SD-1374 Mitchell-Ruff Trio The Catbird Seat 1962
SD-1375 Lewis, John The Wonderful World Of Jazz 1961
SD-1376 Mitchell-Harold Land Quartet, Red Hear Ye! 1962
SD-1377 Mingus, Charles Oh Yeah! 1962
SD-1378 Coleman Quartet, Ornette Ornette! 1962
SD-1379 Hampton & His Orchestra, Slide Jazz With A Twist
At this time they changed slightly to the new
SD-1380 Mann, Herbie Herbie Mann At The Village Gate 1962
SD-1381 Modern Jazz Quartet Lonely Woman 1962
SD-1382 Coltrane, John John Coltrane Plays The Blues 1962
SD-1383 Various Artists No Strings
Chris Connor, Bobby Short and La Vern Baker
SD-1384 Mann, Herbie Right Now 1962
SD-1385 Modern Jazz Quartet European Concert Volume 1 1962
SD-1386 Modern Jazz Quartet European Concert Volume 2 1962
SD-1387 Crawford, Hank From The Heart 1962
SD-1388 Lewis, John A Milanese Story 1962
SD-1389 Allison, Mose I Don't Worry About A Thing 1962
SD-1390 Modern Jazz Quartet The Comedy 1962
SD-1391 Grappelli, Stephane Finesse + Feeling = Jazz 1962
SD-1392 Lewis & Svend Asmussen, John European Encounter 1962
SD-1393 Wright, Leo Suddenly The Blues 1962
SD-1394 Coleman, Ornette Ornette On Tenor 1962
SD-1395 Stitt, Sonny Sonny Stitt And The Top Brass 1962
SD-1396 Hampton, Slide Explosion! 1962
SD-1397 Mann, Herbie Do The Bossa Nova With Herbie Mann 1963
SD-1398 Allison, Mose Swingin' Machine 1963
SD-1399 Newman, David "Fathead" Fathead Comes On 1963
SD-1400 Bell, Charles Another Dimension 1963
SD-1401 Clarke & Francy Boland, Kenny Jazz Is Universal 1963
SD-1402 Lewis & Mangelsdorff/Zagreb Jazz Orchestra, John Animal Dance 1964
SD-1403 Moore, Dudley Theme From "Beyond The Fringe" 1963
SD-1404 Clarke-Boland Big Band Clarke-Boland Big Band 1963
SD-1405 Crawford, Hank Soul Of The Ballad 1963
SD-1406 Wilson Quartet, Jack Jack Wilson Quartet 1963
SD-1407 Mann, Herbie Herbie Mann Returns To The Village Gate 1963
SD-1408 Eureka Brass Band Jazz At Preservation Hall 1963
SD-1409 Robinson & Billie and De De Pierce, Jim Jazz At Preservation Hall, Volume 2 1963
SD-1410 Barbarin & Punch Miller, Paul Jazz At Preservation Hall, Volume 3 1963
SD-1411 Lewis Band, George Jazz At Preservation Hall 1963
SD-1412 Famer with Jim Hall, Art Interaction 1963
SD-1413 Mann, Herbie Live At Newport 1963
SD-1414 Modern Jazz Quartet The Sheriff 1964
SD-1415 Garner, Erroll
SD-1416 Mingus, Charles Tonight At Noon 1964
SD-1417 Jackson, Milt Vibrations 1964
SD-1418 Stitt, Sonny Stitt Plays Bird 1964
SD-1419 Coltrane, John Sounds Of The South 1964
SD-1420 Various Artists A Quartete Is A Quartet
Modern Jazz Quartet, Quartet Di Milano, Hung and Gypsy Quartet
SD-1421 Farmer, Art Live At The Half-Note 1964
SD-1422 Mann, Herbie Latin Fever 1964
SD-1423 Crawford, Hank True Blue 1964
SD-1424 Allison, Mose Word From Mose 1964
SD-1425 Lewis, John Essence 1965
SD-1426 Mann & Bill Evans, Herbie Nirvana 1964
SD-1427 Wilson, Jack Two Side 1964
SD-1428 Jones, Elvin & Philly Joe Together 1964
SD-1429 Modern Jazz Quartet with Laurindo Almeida Collaboration 1964
SD-1430 Farmer, Art To Sweden With Love 1965
SD-1431 Griffin & Matthew Gee, Johnny Soul Groove 1965
SD-1432 Laws, Hubert The Laws Of Jazz 1965
SD-1433 Mann, Herbie My Kinda Groove 1965
SD-1434 Mendes, Sergio The Swinger From Rio 1965
SD-1435 Roach Trio, Max Max Roach Trio Featuring The Legendary Hasaan 1965
SD-1436 Crawford, Hank Dig These Blues 1965
SD-1437 Mann, Herbie Herbie Mann Plays the Roar of the Greasepaint 1965
SD-1438 Grassella Oliphant Quartet The Grass Roots 1965
SD-1439 Adderley, Nat Autobiography 1965
SD-1440 Modern Jazz Quartet Modern Jazz Quartet Plays Porgy And Bess 1965
SD-1441 Curson, Ted The New Thing And The Blue Thing 1965
SD-1464 Mann, Herbie Our Mann Flute 1966
SD-1465 Harriott, Joe Indo-Jazz Suite 1966
SD-1466 Mendes, Sergio The Great Arrival 1966
SD-1467 Roach, Max Drums Unlimited 1966
SD-1468 Modern Jazz Quartet Blues At Carnegie Hall 1966
SD-1469 Manne, Shelley Boss Sounds! 1966
SD-1470 Crawford, Hank Mr. Blues 1967
SD-1471 Mann, Herbie New Mann At Newport 1966
SD-1472 McDuff, Jack Tobacco Road 1967
SD-1473 Lloyd, Charles Forest Flower - Charles Lloyd At Monterey 1967
SD-1474 Adderley, Nat Nat Adderley At Memory Lane 1967
SD-1475 Mann, Herbie Impressions Of The Middle East 1967
SD-1476 Sullivan, Ira Horizons 1967
SD-1477 Hubbard, Freddie Backlash 1967
SD-1478 Harris, Eddie Tender Storm 1967
SD-1479 Mance, Junior Harlem Lullaby 1967
SD-1480 Mendes, Sergio Beat Of Brazil 1967
SD-1481 Lloyd, Charles Love In 1967
SD-1482 Harriott & John Mayer Double Quintet, Joe Indo-Jazz Fusion 1967
SD-1483 Mann, Herbie The Beat Goes On 1967
SD-1484 McDuff, Brother Jack Do It Now 1967
SD-1485 Jones, Elvin Midnight Walk 1967
SD-1486 Modern Jazz Quartet Live At The Lighthouse 1967
SD-1487 Manne & His Men, Shelley Jazz Gunn 1967
SD-1488 Ayers, Roy Virgo Vibes 1967
SD-1489 Newman, David House Of David 1968
SD-1490 Mann, Herbie String Album 1967
SD-1491 Owens & Kenny Barron Quintet, Jimmy Better Listen 1967
SD-1492 Freedom Sounds Feat. Wayne Henderson People Get Ready 1967
SD-1493 Lloyd Quartet, Charles Journey Within 1967
SD-1494 Grassella Oliphant The Grass Is Greener 1967
SD-1495 Harris, Eddie The Electrifiying Eddie Harris 1968
SD-1496 Mance & Bobby Timmons, Junior I Believe To My Soul 1968
SD-1497 Mann, Herbie The Wailing Dervishes 1968
SD-1498 McDuff & David Lloyd, Jack Double Barreled Soul Brother 1968
SD-1499 Lateef, Yusef The Complete Yusef Lateef 1968
SD-1500 Lloyd, Charles Charles Lloyd In Europe 1968
SD-1501 Hubbard, Freddie High Blues Pressure 1968
SD-1502 Kirk, Roland Inflated Tear 1968
SD-1503 Crawford, Hank Double Cross 1968
SD-1504 Harley, Rufus Tribute To Courage 1968
SD-1505 Newman, David Bigger And Better 1968
SD-1506 Harris, Eddie Plug Me In 1968
SD-1507 Mann, Herbie Windows Opened 1968
SD-1508 Lateef, Yusef Blue 1968
SD-1509 Laws, Hubert Laws' Cause 1969
SD-1510 Roach, Max Members, Don't Git Weary 1968
SD-1511 Allison, Mose I Been Doin' Some Thinkin' 1968
SD-1512 Freedom Sounds Feat. Wayne Henderson Soul Sound System 1969
SD-1513 Mann, Herbie The Inspiration I Feel 1968
SD-1514 Ayers, Roy Stoned Soul Picnic 1968
SD-1515 Scott, Shirley Soul Song 1968
SD-1516 McCann, Les Much Les 1968
SD-1517 Harris, Eddie Silver Cycles 1968
SD-1518 Kirk, Roland Left And Right 1968
SD-1519 Lloyd, Charles Soundtrack 1969
SD-1520 Fischer, Clare Thesaurus 1968
SD-1521 Mance & Bobby Timmons, Junior Live At The Top 1968
SD-1522 Mann, Herbie Memphis Underground 1968
SD-1523 Crawford, Hank Mr. Blues Plays Lady Soul 1969
SD-1524 Newman, David The Many Faces Of David Newman 1968
SD-1525 Lateef, Yusef Yusef Lateef's Detroit 1969
SD-1526 Hubbard, Freddie Soul Experiment 1968
SD-1527 Gasca, Luis Little Giant 1968
SD-1528 Various Artists Jazz Super Hits 1969
SD-1529 Harris, Eddie High Voltage 1969
SD-1530 Moore Jr., Phil Right On 1969
SD-1531 Burton, Gary Throb 1969
SD-1532 Scott, Shirley Shirley Scott & The Soul Saxes 1969
SD-1533 Wein, George George Wein's Newport All Stars 1969
SD-1534 Kirk, Roland Volunteered Slavery 1970
SD-1535 Scott, Bobby Jump For Joy 1969
SD-1536 Mann, Herbie Live At The Whisky A Go Go 1969
SD-1537 McCann & Eddie Harris, Les Swiss Movement 1969
SD-1538 Ayers, Roy Daddy's Back 1970
SD-1539 Harley, Rufus Kings And Queens 1970
SD-1540 Mann, Herbie Concerto Grosso In D Blues 1969
SD-1541 Coltrane, John Best Of John Coltrane 1969
SD-1542 Allison, Mose Best Of Mose Allison 1969
SD-1543 Charles, Ray Best Of Ray Charles 1970
SD-1544 Mann, Herbie The Best Of Herbie Mann 1970
SD-1545 Harris, Eddie The Best Of Eddie Harris 1970
SD-1546 Modern Jazz Quartet Best Of Modern Jazz Quartet 1970
SD-1547 McCann, Les Comment 1970
SD-1548 Lateef, Yusef Diverse 1969
SD-1549 Hubbard, Freddie Black Angel 1969
SD-1550 Allison, Mose Hello There, Universe 1969
SD-1551 Wheeler & The Enforcers, Clarence Doin' What We Wanna 1970
SD-1552 DeParis, Wilbur Over And Over Again 1970
SD-1553 Coltrane, John The Coltrane Legacy 1970
SD-1554 Harris, Eddie Come On Down! 1970
SD-1555 Mingus, Charles Best Of Charlie Mingus 1970
SD-1556 Lloyd, Charles Best Of Charles Lloyd 1970
SD-1557 Crawford, Hank Best Of Hank Crawford 1970
SD-1558 Coleman, Ornette Best Of Ornette Coleman 1970
SD-1559 Various Artists Jazz Super Hits Volume 2 1970
SD-1560 Burton, Gary Good Vibes 1969
SD-1561 Scott, Shirley Sure Thing 1970
SD-1562 Mance, Junior With A Lotta Help 1970
SD-1563 Lateef, Yusef Suite 16 1970
SD-1564 Bryant, Ray Ray Bryant MCMLXX 1971
SD-1565 Phillips, Esther Burnin' 1970
SD-1566 Strauss, Edward The Me Nobody Knows (Original Cast) 1970
SD-1567 Santamaria, Mongo Mongo '70 1970
SD-1568 McRae, Carmen Just A Little Lovin' 1970
SD-1569 Flack, Roberta Chapter Two 1970
SD-1570 Lawson & Bob Haggard, Yank Live At The Roosevelt Grill 1970
SD-1571 Lloyd, Charles In The Soviet Union 1970
SD-1572 Coleman, Ornette The Art Of The Improvisers 1970
SD-1573 Harris, Eddie Free Spirit 1970
SD-1574 Short, Bobby Nobody Else But Me 1970
SD-1575 Kirk, Rahsaan Roland Rahsaan Rahsaan 1970
SD-1576 Hubbard, Freddie Sing Me A Song 1970
SD-1577 Burton & Keith Jarrett, Gary Gary Burton & Keith Jarrett 1971
SD-1578 Kirk, Rahsaan Roland Natural Black Inventions 1971
SD-1579 Zawinul, Joe Zawinul 1971
SD-1580 Ellington, Duke New Orleans Suite 1970
SD-1581 Santamaria, Mongo Mongo's Way 1970
SD-1582 Lawson/Haggart Band What's New 1970
SD-1583 Harris & Les McCann, Eddie Second Movement 1971
SD-1584 Allison, Mose Western Man 1971
SD-1585 Wheeler & The Enforcers, Clarence The Love I've Been Looking For 1971
SD-1586 Lloyd, Charles Flowering Of The Original 1971
SD-1587 Roach, Max Lift Every Voice And Sing 1971
SD-1588 Coleman, Ornette Twins 1971
SD-1589 Modern Jazz Quartet Plastic Dreams 1971
SD-1590 Newman, David "Fathead" Best Of David "Fathead" Newman 1970
SD-1591 Lateef, Yusef Best Of Yusef Lateef 1971
SD-1592 Kirk, Rahsaan Roland Rahsaan Roland Kirk 1971
SD-1593 Santamaria, Mongo Mongo Santamaria At Montreux 1971
SD-1594 Flack, Roberta Quiet Fire 1971
SD-1595 Harris, Eddie Live At Newport 1971
SD-1596 Jarrett, Keith Mourning Of A Star 1971
SD-1597 Burton & Stephane Grappeli, Gary Paris Encounter 1971
SD-1598 Burton, Gary Alone At Last 1971
SD-1599 Hayes, Isaac In The Beginning
Reissue of Enterprise SD13-101
SD-1600 Newman, David "Fathead" Lonely Avenue 1972
SD-1601 Kirk, Rahsaan Roland Blacknuss 1971
SD-1602 Lateef, Yusef Gentle Giant 1972
SD-1603 McCann, Les Invitation To Openness 1972
SD-1604 Evans, Richard Dealing With Hard Times 1972
SD-1605 Shirley, Don The Don Shirley Point Of View 1971
SD-1606 Brubeck, Dave Truth Is Fallen 1971
SD-1607 Brubeck, Dave Last Set At Newport 1971
SD-1608 Mariano, Charlie Mirror 1971
SD-1609 Weston, Randy African Cookbook 1971
SD-1610 Mann, Herbie Mississippi Gambler 1972
SD-1611 Harris, Eddie Instant Death 1971
SD-1612 Jarrett, Keith Birth 1971
SD-1613 Murphy, Turk Many Faces Of Ragtime 1971
SD-1614 Holiday, Billie Strange Fruit 1971
SD-1615 Morton, Jelly Roll
unissued part of Commodore Series, replaced by the double disc sets in the 300 series
SD-1616 Hawkins, Coleman
unissued part of Commodore Series, replaced by the double disc sets in the 300 series
SD-1617 Berry & Ben Webster, Chu
unissued part of Commodore Series, replaced by the double disc sets in the 300 series
SD-1618 Young, Lester
unissued part of Commodore Series, replaced by the double disc sets in the 300 series
SD-1619 McCann, Les Talk To The People 1972
SD-1620 Short, Bobby Very Best Of Bobby Short 1972
SD-1621 Santamaria, Mongo Up From The Roots 1972
SD-1622 Vitous, Moroslav Mountain In The Clouds 1972
SD-1623 Modern Jazz Quartet Legendary Profile 1972
SD-1624 Laws, Hubert Wild Flower 1972
SD-1625 Harris, Eddie Sings The Blues 1972
SD-1626 Bryant, Ray Alone At Montreux 1972
SD-1627 Allison, Mose Mose In Your Ear 1972
SD-1628 Freeman, Von Doin' It Right Now 1972
SD-1629 Brown jr., Oscar Movin' On 1972
SD-1630 Kirk & Al Hibbler, Rahsaan Roland Meeting Of The Times 1972
SD-1631 Fitzgerald, Ella Ella Loves Cole 1972
SD-1632 Mann, Herbie Hold On, I'm Comin' 1972
SD-1633 Kenyatta, Robin Gypsy Man 1973
SD-1634 Young-Holt Unlimited Oh, Girl 1973
SD-1635 Lateef, Yusef Hush 'N' Thunder 1973
SD-1636 Wheeler & The Enforcers, Clarence New Chicago Blues 1972
SD-1637 Curtis & Champion Jack Dupree, King Blues At Montreux 1973
SD-1638 Newman, David "Fathead" The Weapon 1972
SD-1639 Art Ensemble Of Chicago Bap-Tizum 1972
SD-1640 Kirk, Rahsaan Roland Prepare Thyself To Deal With A Miracle 1972
SD-1641 Brubeck, Dave We're All Together Again 1972
SD-1642 Mann, Herbie Turtle Bay 1973
SD-1643 Evans, Gil Svengali 1973
SD-1644 Kenyatta, Robin Tera Nova 1973
SD-1645 Brubeck, Dave Two Generations Of Brubeck 1973
SD-1646 McCann, Les Layers 1974
SD-1647 Harris, Eddie E.H. In The U.K. - London Sessions 1974
SD-1648 Mann, Herbie London Underground 1974
SD-1649 Brown jr., Oscar Brother, Where Are You? 1974
SD-1650 Lateef, Yusef Part Of The Search 1974
SD-1651 Art Ensemble Of Chicago Jazzlore: Fanfare For Warriors 1974
SD-1652 Modern Jazz Quartet Blues On Bach 1974
SD-1653 Mingus, Charles Mingus Moves 1974
SD-1654 Bey, Andy Experience And Judgment 1973
SD-1655 Mann, Herbie Reggae 1974
SD-1656 Kenyatta, Robin Stompin' At The Savoy 1974
SD-1657 Alexander, Harold Raw Root 1974
SD-1658 The Family Of Mann First Light 1974
SD-1659 Harris, Eddie Is It In 1974
SD-1660 Brubeck, Dave Brother, The Great Spirit Made Us 1974
SD-1661 Mardin, Arif Journey 1974
SD-1662 Newman, David Newmanism 1974
SD-1663 Rebillot, Pat Free Fall 1974
SD-1664 Short, Bobby Mad Twenties 1974
SD-1665 Ellington, Duke Recollections Of The Big Band Era 1974
SD-1666 McCann, Les Another Beginning 1974
SD-1667 Mingus, Charles Mingus At Carnegie Hall 1974
SD-1668 Coltrane, John Alternate Takes 1975
SD-1669 Harris, Eddie I Need Some Money 1975
SD-1670 Mann, Herbie Discotheque 1975
SD-1671 Hyman, Dick Satchmo Remembered 1975
SD-1672 Newborn, Phineas Phineas Newborn 1975
SD-1673 Jarrett, Keith El Juicio (The Judgement) 1975
SD-1674 Kirk, Rahsaan Roland Cas Of The 3 Sided Dream In Audio Color 1975
SD-1675 Harris, Eddie Bad Luck Is All I Have 1975
SD-1676 Mann, Herbie Waterbed 1975
SD-1677 Mingus, Charles Changes One 1975
SD-1678 Mingus, Charles Changes Two 1975
SD-1679 McCann, Les Hustle To Survive 1975
SD-1680 Phillips, Esther Confessin' The Blues 1975
SD-1681 Geller, Herb Rhyme And Reason 1976
SD-1682 Mann, Herbie Surprises 1976
SD-1683 Harris, Eddie That Is Why You're Overweight 1976
SD-1684 Brubeck, Dave All The Things We Are 1976
SD-1685 Lateef, Yusef The Doctor Is In And Out 1976
SD-1686 Kirk, Rahsaan Roland Other Folks' Music 1976
SD-1687 Hubbard, Freddie Echoes Of Blue 1976
SD-1688 Ellington, Duke Jazz Violin Session 1977
SD-1689 Short, Bobby Personal 1977
SD-1690 McCann, Les River High, River Low 1976
SD-1691 Allison, Mose Your Mind Is On Vacation 1976
SD-1692 Ayers, Roy Daddy Bug And Friends 1976
SD-1693 Various Artists Jazz Gala Concert
Gerry Mulligan, Chick Corea, Nat Adderley
SD-1694 Zawinul, Joe Concerto Retitled 1976
SD-1695 Kühn, Joachim Springfever 1976
SD-1696 Tyner/Corea/Hancock Mc Coy Tyner, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock 1977
probably unissued
SD-1698 Harris, Eddie How Can You Live Like That 1977
SD-1699 Pullen, Don Tomorrow's Promises 1977
SD-1700 Mingus, Charles Three Or Four Shades Of Blues 1977