Every record collector have a lot of enthusiasm about his records. Someone is mostly interested in the recording itself, others like to have original pressings with the significant sound and layout from that time.
Now we try to give you some informations who helps you to look what kind of pressing you have, or what you have to look for if you buy a collectable record for your collection. These informations are very important to find out the right price to pay for the item.
In the classical records you will find synonyms like "Shaded Dog" or "LSC" in the jazz area there are important notices like "Rainbow label", "Lexington Avenue" or others that helps to find out date of print.
This is not a complete list of records... you will find only the names of labels on this site where the label-information-site is finished or there are a couple of informations on it. From time to time we will put some more labels on it - time is rar - you know that!
Also we try to tell you more about the labels, especially the history of the label itself, who is the actual owner, which names made the label, etc.
If you wish informations about a special label and you didn't find it here on this site please ask us and we try to find out something for you !

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